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Dirk's Piano Tuner

Tuning a piano the classical way is a very complicated process. One has to possess the skills, to handle the tuning hammer in the correct manner and to leave the tuning pin in a stable position. It is however even more difficult to determine the correct pitch of the strings. Many instruments can be tuned using a simple tuning device. Each tone is then tuned exactly to a predefined frequency. This method can't be used tuning a piano. The result would make the piano sound harsh and out of tune. The reason for this lies in the way stringed instruments produce their sound. Dirk's Piano Tuner analyzes your instrument and uses the results to calculate the optimal tuning for your piano in particular. Using this calculated setting, you can then tune your piano, in no time, to a professional level, without having to go through the classical, time consuming, process of 'checking the intervals'.

Piano Tuning & Repair Blog

How to tune a piano

Tune a piano yourself to a professional standard.

Click on the following link for a short manual:

How to tune a piano

Course week 'piano tuning for beginners'
The course is given in the Dordogne in France. During the course you will learn the theoretical and practical steps of the piano tuning process (with the help of Dirk's Piano Tuner). For more information, click on the following link:

Course week 'piano tuning for beginners'

A string can vibrate in several ways. It can vibrate in one whole section; the middle of the string then oscillates and the ends are fixed. It can vibrate in two sections; the middle and the ends are then fixed and the string oscillates on 1/4 and on 3/4 of the length. This way a string can also vibrate in three, four, five or more sections. All these vibrations occur at the same time in the string. Each vibration has its own frequency. A struck string therefore provides several frequencies at the same time. These are called the strings' harmonics. When these harmonics are exactly 2, 3, 4 and 5 times the base frequency, then a simple tuning device can be used. For a piano this is unfortunately not the case. For a piano these factors are not exactly 2, 3, 4, and 5. The exact values of these factors determine the base frequencies of the piano strings, that is when the piano sounds most harmonic or 'in tune'. In practice it shows that the low note need to be tuned a bit lower. The high tones need to be tuned a bit higher. The rate in which the low notes need to be tuned lower and the high notes higher is called the stretch of the piano. This means that each piano has to be tuned differently to achieve its optimal sound and performance.

Determine the right stretch
There are already tuning devices that take this stretch into account You can choose a stretch at setup, where a small stretch is chosen for a large piano and a large stretch for a small piano. Such tunings devices can take the piano to an almost optimal tuning. But the specific design of the concerning instrument is not taken into account and therefore some of the factors, that decide the stretch, are left out. Because of this, the piano will not sound optimal and it will still be necessary to determine the best stretch 'by ear'.

The piano technician does this by striking a lot of intervals (two keys at the same time) and aligning them. To do this properly, a lot of experience is an absolute necessity. The difficulty lies in the fact that you cannot tune the intervals entirely pure and the rate of purity is different for each and every interval. When an interval is not entirely correct, one of both notes will be adjusted accordingly. This note however is also part of several other intervals. Therefore all these intervals will have to change as well. All this produces a large complex puzzle that has to be solved.

Dirk's Piano Tuner solves this puzzle for you. In Dirk's Piano Tuner all strings will be recorded by playing them all one by one, only one string per note the remaining strings muted. The tuning (and so is the stretch) is determined by the computer using these single string recordings. The tuner not only records the fundamentals, but also the harmonics. After this 'single string' recording, the tuner has all the data needed to calculate the optimum base setting of all strings. The tuner calculates then the purity of all possible intervals and aligns them. After this the strings can now be tuned one by one to the resulting notes from the tuner. The tuner recognizes the struck string automatically and shows how much the string deviates from its ideal pitch. The muted strings are lateron tuned equal to the earlier tuned string in the same unison. After tuning all strings the piano has been tuned with the best stretch. The piano now sounds as pure as possible for that particular piano. Each note needs only to be tuned once and it is no longer necessary to finish the tuning by ear.

An overview of this tuner's features
Suitable for pianos and grand pianos of all brands and sizes.
Realize a professional tuning easy and quick, exactly tailored for your particular piano.
Calculates the most optimal stretch. Every string gets the optimal pitch.
Save the calculated stretch so it does not need to be calculated again the next time.
Very easy to use. No knowledge of the complicated piano tuning theory necessary.
It is not needed to check intervals and to hear and count beats.
Fast reaction of the needle to be able to tune to the right pitch easily.
Automatic detection of the struck string prevents tuning the wrong string.
Not only the tone is detected, but also its octave.
The needle keeps tracking the tone, also if it moves into another tone.
Take new strings up to the necessary tension, safe and quick.

Dirk's Piano Tuner V4.0

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User Manual
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The tuner is available in the following languages:
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The manual is available in the following languages:
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Polska Русский Italiano Svenska Português Português
Español 中国的


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Dirk's Piano Tuner V4.0
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Automatically calculate the optimal stretch
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141 Messages Write in the guestbook  
Name: S.Lamert
Location: Warburg
Date: 2017-04-19
Language: Deutsch Deutsch
Comment: Das beste Klavierstimmen Programm was ich kenne!!! Service - blitz schnell. Vielen Dank Herr Dirk, bin sehr zufrieden !!!

Name: guido janssens
Location: Belgium
Date: 2017-03-31
Language: English English
Comment: This guestbook is already full of positive comments, so I can be short: Dirk's Piano Tuner is a great program. With a bit of patience you'll tune your piano perfectly, and will make the sound of it sparkle, even if you never tuned a piano before. (If it's the first time you tune a piano: foresee at least half a day; the next times it will go considerably faster).
Dirk's service is great. My computer broke and I lost my installation files. After sending a mail I received the next morning already fresh installation files. Thanks Dirk!

Name: Boiten Yvo
Location: Hasselt België
Language: Nederlands Nederlands
Comment: Dank aan Dirk voor vlugge tussenkomst, Dirk's Piano Tuner v4.0 deed het niet meer na vervanging van de harde schijf door SSD schijf.
Dirk's Piano Tuner v4.0 super geweldige toepassing, Pianoklank altijd top, service achteraf steeds perfect en even vriendelijk.
Tevreden klant sinds 2013

Name: Luciano
Location: Benos Aires, Argentina
Language: Español Español
Comment: Casi tres años después de adquirir este excelente afinador. La buena predisposición y rapidez en las respuestas ante cualquier eventualidad ajenas al afinador lo hacen un producto altamente recomendable.

Name: Gerard Scholzen
Location: Bois-Colombes
Language: Français Français
Comment: Enthousiasmant, cet outil est vraiment bien conçu et pratique à utiliser. Si l'on sait caler convenablement les chevilles, le résultat est excellent et l'accord est étonnamment stable. J'accorde régulierement depuis 3 ans avec ce logiciel un 1 / 4 de queue A. Forster de 1939 et un Yamaha droit 131 cm. Les résultats sont parfaits. J'ai un peu plus de mal avec un petit piano d'étude (qui tient mal l'accord) mais c'est indépendant du produit.
Bravo à Dirk et merci à lui pour la qualité de son service; (j'ai du telecharger 2 fois le logiciel suite à des casses d'ordinateur)

Name: J Prien
Location: Bielefeld, Germany
Language: Deutsch Deutsch
Comment: Super Tuner, super Kontakt und Support!
Nachdem die Installation auf dem neuen Pc nicht funktionierte, bekam ich einen neuen download-Link innerhalb weniger Stunden.
Einfach perfekt! Mit dem Tuner bin ich natürlich auch zufrieden; -)

Name: Robert Hanisch
Location: Maryland, USA
Language: English English
Comment: What great user support! Emailed about Piano Tuner not working after MacOS upgrade to 10.12. Had a response in 30 minutes (1 am NL time), new download with the problem fixed.

And, of course, the software works great. I have a professional tuner come in once or twice a year, because he has a super ear and makes my Boston grand just sing. But in between times I can touch up and keep things sounding pretty good. Thanks, Dirk, for a great product!

Name: Marcel Baggen
Language: Nederlands Nederlands
Comment: Ik heb de piano tuner in 2010 aangeschaft om mijn eigen piano bij te kunnen stellen.
Vanwege het geringe gebruik vind ik de goede gebruiksvriendelijkheid van het programma een belangrijke eigenschap.

Nu mijn oude computer defect is geraakt heb ik na een kort mailtje binnen een dag een nieuwe versie (zonder bijbetaling) gekregen voor de vervangende PC.
Top service van Dirk!

Name: Joachim P
Language: Deutsch Deutsch
Comment: Den Piano Tuner benutze ich nun schon seit einigen Jahren.
Ursprünglich habe ich ihn mir geholt, weil die Klavierstimmer mein Klavier nie so stimmen konnten, wie ich es wollte.
Wie auch - ein Klavierstimmer hat nicht die Zeit um ein Klavier perfekt zu stimmen, oder es wird sehr teuer.
Mit Hilfe des Piano Tuners kann man es selbst besser machen als die vielen durchschnittlichen Klavierstimmer. Sicher gibt es auch sehr gute, aber ich hatte leider keinen gefunden, der mir zugesagt hat.
Eine Empfehlung für die, die sich die Software auch kaufen möchten. Wer noch nie ein Klavier gestimmt hat, sollte das handwerkliche Grundwissen im Stimmkurs erwerben. Nur die Software hilft Anfängern nur begrenzt. Oder man muss sehr viel probieren;)
Meinen besonderen Dank an Dirk, der auch nach Jahren immer kurzfristig mit Rat und Tat weiterhilft.

Name: Tony Fairfield
Location: New Zealand
Language: English English
Comment: I bought Dirk's piano tuner because of what I believe are diminishing standards of conventional tuning near where I live. I am not a trained tuner but am a perfectionist in piano matters. I can thoroughly recommend Dirk's tuner to anyone wanting to tune their own piano to a very high professional standard. The personalised stretch for my Model A Steinway grand sounds excellent, the tuner gives clear and accurate readings to within fractions of a cent and is easy to use.  I had numerous Email discussions with Dirk before the purchase and found him always very prompt, professional, and informed, in his responses.

Thank you Dirk for a great product.

Name: Milko Lazar
Location: Slovenia
Language: English English
Comment: I've got Dirk's Piano Tuner few months ago. I am tuning my 218cm piano regularly with it now and I must say my piano was newer tuned better. Much better than tunings of my professional tuner.
Dirk's stretched tuning simply sounds amazing. You will have to adapt your ears to slightly wide thirds, but the fifths are more close to pure. The tuner itself is very simple to use and very precise.
For nearly thirty years I was frustrated with most of the time out of tune piano, which is I think, the serious problem of all the sensitive piano players. Now it takes me four hours every month or so, and I am more happy than ever.
One month ago, I've tuned my friend's almost new Steinway D, and he was totally impressed.
I recommend the Dirk's Tuner to every pianist, who has some ability to handle the tuning hammer or has will to learn how to use it (I recommend a good quality carbon hammer). It will make your life much much better.
Go on Dirk! Thank you!

Name: Mikhail
Location: Moscow
Language: Русский Русский
Comment: Здравствуйте! Когда же появятся курсы на русском языке? Очень ждём!
С уважением,

Name: Gerard
Location: Volendam
Language: Nederlands Nederlands
Comment: Dirk, dank je wel voor het schrijven van dit mooie programma.
Een stemprogramma zoals het moet zijn. Goed en makkelijk.
De betrokkenheid en de service van jou zie je niet vaak. Dank daarvoor.
Ook de stemcursus in Frankrijk bij Ben Verbon was een geweldige ervaring.
Zeker voor herhaling vatbaar.
Bedankt en groet,
Gerard Burger.

Location: garlasco (pv)
Language: Italiano Italiano
Comment: ho utilizzato il programma su un yamaha c3xa
e funziona perfettamente
unico piccolo neo vi sono un paio di note che "lui" non riesce a discernere nella parte acuta, probabilmente dovuto all'algortimo di riconoscimento della frequenza.. ma dopo vari tentativi ci si riesce

Name: Bård Thomas Hesvik
Location: Haugesund
Language: English English
Comment: I'm in the process of getting familiar with this tool, and it strikes me how simple and extremely intuitive it is. In my mind anyone could tune a piano with this tool and a maximum of two thumbs!

I will report back when I'm done tuning the whole piano!

Name: Peter K
Location: New York
Language: English English
Comment: I have been using Dirk's Piano Tuner since late 2014. I have tuned my Steinway B six or maybe seven times with it. I was amazed the first time I used it and, frankly, remain so now. My tuning technique has improved dramatically and I can now tune the whole piano in two hours, plus 15-20 minutes setup time (setting temperament strips, etc.) I strongly recommend an external mic All in all I can strongly recommend this product.

Name: Steven Mull
Location: Geneva, NY
Language: English English
Comment: Dirk's piano tuning software is by far the best designed, best executed, and easiest to use piece of programming I have ever encountered. Keep up the good work Dirk!

Name: Gary Bishop
Location: USA
Language: English English
Comment: I use this to tune pianos for myself and a few relatives. It does a real nice job. I use to do it by ear, which was too frustrating for me. I am much happier using this program.

Name: Tjaarda MEES
Location: Lemps, France
Language: Français Français
Comment: J'utilise Dirk's logiciel depuis qqs années et j'accorde pas seulement mon propre grand-piano mais aussi des pianos de ma famille et de mes amis. Avant, j'ai réussie à les accorder assez bien (sans aide) mais le résultat est absolutement mieux avec Dirk's logiciel. Le logiciel est facile à utiliser et le SAV de Dirk est splendide.
J'ai également un piano carré et je l'accorde à un autre hauteur, pas de problème avec ce logiciel.

Name: Tjaarda MEES
Location: Lemps, France
Language: Nederlands Nederlands
Comment: Ik heb Dirk's pianostem-programma nu al een paar jaar en stem er niet alleen mijn eigen vleugel mee, maar ook de piano's en vleugels van vrienden en familie. Ik kon al vrij goed piano's stemmen op het gehoor, maar met het programma van Dirk is het resultaat beslist beter. Het programma werkt prima en de begeleiding en service door Dirk is geweldig. Ik heb ook een antieke square-piano en die stem ik op een andere toonhoogte, en dat is met dit programma geen enkel probleem.

Name: Wim Thijs
Location: Middelburg, The Netherlands
Language: English English
Comment: Dear Reader,

I tune my own pianos since 1974 with the help of several tuning divices.
Summer 2015 I was looking for a better tuning device because the built-in stretching of my old device was not satisfying any more.
I bought Dirk's tuning device.
Result: my instruments sound SUPER; better than ever before !!!
Highly recommended !

Cheers to Dirk and Ben for the development of this incredible tool !

Many thanks,

Dr. ir. Wim Thijs

Name: Wim Thijs
Location: Middelburg
Language: Nederlands Nederlands
Comment: Beste lerer(es),

Ik stem al decennia mijn piano's met behulp van diverse stemapparaten. In de zomer van 2015 ging ik op zoek naar een beter stemapparaat omdat de stemming toch niet echt helemaal mooi was met de voorgebakken stretch. Het werd Dirk's stemapparaat.
Resultaat: mijn piano's hebben nog nooit zo mooi geklonken.
Hulde aan Dirk en Ben voor het ontwikkelen en ter beschikking stellen van dit ongelofelijk mooie hulpmiddel !

Dr. ir. Wim Thijs

Name: Caspar Schijns
Location: Nederland
Language: Nederlands Nederlands
Comment: In 2012-02-21 Dirk's Piano Stemapparaat gekocht.
Door computerproblemen en herstel van windows is mijn meest dierbare programma het Piano Stemapparaat van Dirk verloren gegaan.
Na E-mail aan Dirk direct nieuwe installatie software ontvangen
en programma opnieuw kunnen installeren, dit is pas echte After Sales.
Dirk's Piano Stemapparaat is een programma waar je gelukkig van wordt en de piano volledig onder controle kunt houden.
Bedankt Dirk.

Name: Alberto Eliezer
Location: Brazil
Language: English English
Comment: The best tool to tune a piano ever.
The perfect stretch curve for the specific piano makes all the difference!!!

Name: Gjermund
Location: Norway
Website: PopJazzOnline.com
Language: English English
Comment: I'm using the pianotuner program! Very happy!
It works better than many of the piano tuners I've used so far.

I get really good tuning! Also, very good customer support!
Keep up the good work, Dirk


-=Gjermund Sivertsen=-
https: / /PopJazzOnline. com - The number 1 place for learning piano online

Name: CG Johansson
Location: Kalix, Sweden
Language: English English
Comment: I found this program on the Internet in early 2012 and tested a bit on my piano. It seemed easy to make a tuning so I decided to buy to be able to test the program completely.
After some problems in the beginning, which Dirk quickly helped to fix, I now use the program at any tuning.
My laptop recently crashed so I had to get help with the installation of the software on the new laptop. Dirk was, as always, quick with support.
The program is highly recommended and Dirk's support is outstanding.

Name: Hans
Location: Venray
Language: Nederlands Nederlands
Comment: Gebruik het programma sinds december 2014. Resultaat is echt perfect. En het is nog leuk ook om zelf je eigen vleugel te stemmen. Ook even tussendoor een paar tonen bijstemmen is mogelijk als je het zelf kunt dus veel minder ergernis en wachten op de volgende stembeurt van de Pianostemmer. Helemaal TOP!

Vandaag de update voor El Capitan van Apple gekregen na één e-mailtje aan Dirk. Binnen een paar minuten antwoord en de update. Uitstekende service.

Een aanrader.

Name: Frank Tichelaar
Location: Zandvoort
Language: Nederlands Nederlands
Comment: Vorige week de pianotuner besteld en voor het eerst gebruikt. Erg tevreden met het resultaat. Na een software update van Apple werkte het programma niet meer. Dat is inmiddels snel en correct opgelost dus het programma werkt nu ook onder El Capitan.

Name: Jamie fox
Location: Dublin
Website: Foxpianotuning.com
Language: English English
Comment: I bought Dirk's piano tuner last year. I have been tuning pianos for twelve years and was never sold on a etd. Dirk's was recommended by a tuner friend who had had good results. I was shocked with the results. It really is as close to a good tuners ear as you can imagine. Very easy to use aswell. Makes pitch raising a treat. I had a problem with my laptop when I downloaded it. Dirk helped me through the process of installing the software. Great service.

Jamie fox
Dublin piano tuner
Foxpianotuning. com

Name: Bjorn Thienpont
Location: Roeselare (Belgium)
Language: Nederlands Nederlands
Comment: Beste Dirk,
Ik gebruik jouw tuner nu al een jaar of 4 en het is super!! Het wordt steeds verbeterd en het is super gebruiksvriendelijk. Als ik bij een klant vertrek zijn ze super tevreden over het resultaat. Ik twijfel er niet aan dat jouw ander stem-software van dezelfde kwaliteit zijn. chapeau!! Doe zo verder
Ps. Ook een pluim voor Ben Verbon!;) vele grtjs aan hem!


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