Name: Gjermund
Location: Norway

I'm using the pianotuner program! Very happy!
It works better than many of the piano tuners I've used so far.

I get really good tuning! Also, very good customer support!
Keep up the good work, Dirk


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Name: CG Johansson
Location: Kalix, Sweden

I found this program on the Internet in early 2012 and tested a bit on my piano. It seemed easy to make a tuning so I decided to buy to be able to test the program completely.
After some problems in the beginning, which Dirk quickly helped to fix, I now use the program at any tuning. My laptop recently crashed so I had to get help with the installation of the software on the new laptop. Dirk was, as always, quick with support. The program is highly recommended and Dirk's support is outstanding.

Name: Jamie fox
Location: Dublin

I bought Dirk's piano tuner last year. I have been tuning pianos for twelve years and was never sold on a etd. Dirk's was recommended by a tuner friend who had had good results. I was shocked with the results. It really is as close to a good tuners ear as you can imagine. Very easy to use aswell. Makes pitch raising a treat. I had a problem with my laptop when I downloaded it. Dirk helped me through the process of installing the software. Great service.

Jamie fox Dublin piano tuner

Name: Chris
Location: Los Angeles

I've used this software twice now to tune my piano, and the results have been great. The program is very easy to use. On top of that, I needed to transfer the program from an old computer to a new one, and immediately received assistance from Dirk on the process. Thank you!
Name: Boudewijn van Gelder
Location: West Lafayette, IN, USA

Wow, wow, wow!!! Dirk's Piano Tuner software and its results are just amazing. It took three days (about 16 hours in total) in August 2015 to tune the "family" piano (from about 1879, P. van Ooij, pianomaker and tuner, Haarlem, the Netherlands) ... very carefully ... step-by-step: the piano had been tuned twice in the last 25 years. The last tuning dates back more than 15 years ago (in Nov/Dec 1999), and was done professionally. However, it was a "relative" tuning (with respect to the A4 that was well below 440Hz! ... the A4 had almost become a G#4, about 415Hz). In those 16 hours, with the help of Dirk's Piano Tuner, I determined first the temperament and the optimal stretch that belongs to this piano. Subsequently, I brought the relative tuning up to an absolute tuning (as said, very carefully ... in small incremental steps). The piano produces now a sound as I hardly can remember it. The improvement of the quality of sound is, I think, mainly due the optimal temperament/stretch that may have never been determined so optimally (at least not in my lifetime of almost 68 years). Dirk's Piano Tuner is a very well-designed tool that brings affordable tuning within reach of every piano owner/player. A professional tuner would have had to come to our house may be four/five times (superseding easily the cost of Dirk's Piano Tuning software). THE SOUND OF OUR PIANO IS SO "GRAND" AGAIN!!! I recommend the software to anyone! Boudewijn PS: Questions? My experience: support by Dirk is virtually instantaneous!
Name: Tom Gaskin
Location: USA

Great software. Easy to use. The results are better than the aural tunings I've done and even the professional tunings I've paid for, and after several tunings the software has paid for itself. I had a couple technical difficulties, but each time Dirk responded almost immediately by email and solved them. Great service! I'd recommend this product to anyone.
Name: Douglas Warner
Location: Alaska USA


I purchased Dirk's Piano Tuner software and went through the video tutorial. I carefully tuned my piano using the software, and the result was the most perfect tuning ! The piano sounds just beautiful, every note exact. Dirk says that one can achieve professional results, and I agree that's correct. I believe my first tuning using Dirk's Piano Tuner actually achieved better than professional results.

I will always tune my piano myself from this point forward, and I highly recommend purchasing Dirk's Piano Tuner !

Douglas Warner Anchorage, Alaska USA

Name: Huw
Location: UK

I was tuning a grand down in the south of France and Dirk was very quick to provide emailed assistance when I had a query about a technical matter.
On a different matter, going through Gatwick and Marseille airports with a tuning lever in my hand-luggage was a somewhat problematic because it aroused the suspicions of the chaps manning the X-ray machines, and I almost had it confiscated both times because of it having the potential to be used as a weapon; but when you are only travelling with hand-luggage, where else can you put a tuning lever?

Name: A professional pianist
Location: Singapore

I purchased and tried the Dirk Piano Tuner yesterday. It's easy to work with and I find it very efficient. The result was a Piano nicely tuned in Equal temperament. I did some "blind tests" to compare a purely aural classical tuning (the main consonant intervals by ear) against the Dirk's Tuner tuning, the deviation bracket between both methods was quite big. After playing some pieces on the piano (I'm a professional pianist), I got truly convinced that the Dirk's Piano tuner's tuning was far better than the aural tuning. This is one of the cases where technology innovations go beyond the human performance. Dirk's Piano Tuner saves lot of time and eventually gives a better result compared to the too subjective human aural perception.
All this might be true only in Equal Temperament where all the tone frequencies are evenly distributed along the keyboard compass. In future I'd also try other temperaments with this tuner and will share my experience.

I'd highly recommend Dirk's Piano Tuner to all professional tuners and performers (like myself) who want to tune the instrument by themselves.

Thank you, Dirk!

Name: Leonard Uricek
Location: USA

Dirk's piano tuner is great. my piano sounds better than a professional tuning and when my computer crashed I emailed Dirk who responded immediately and sent me a link to re-download the piano tuning software.
Name: James
Location: ireland

Bought this software yesterday. I had a few issues as i made a mistake when installing the software. Emailed Dirk and got an immediate response. He guided me through fixing my problem step by step. Great service.

Tuned my first piano with the software today. Have been aural tuning for a long time and was totally blown away by the results. Have hated every other bit of software ive ever used for tuning. Thought this was amazing. Had a completely out of tune rustbucket tuned in an hour and a half. id imagine as i get used to the software i should be able to bring that down to an hour. Really recommend this software. It really is the best out there

Name: David Delfont
Location: United Kingdom

I am amazed at how this software manages to deal with tuning a piano, what with determining the stretch and getting the temperament spot on.

I tried many tuning aids in the past and none were able to tune the piano to a professional standard.

The mechanics of the tuning process need to be mastered but if you can get each note really close to the optimum pitch and tune in such a way that it will stay, the results are really excellent.
expensive, yes, but worth every penny (or should I say "cent")

Thanks for designing the software..........

Name: Robert

I have had the tuner for nearly a year and am very happy with it. I use it to tidy up my pianos between professional tunings but will soon have enough confidence to do a full tuning myself. When I had some questions, Dirk responded quickly and was very helpful. The same was true when I needed to replace my computer. I would certainly recommend the tuner.
Name: John E Avenson
Location: Westminster Colorado USA

Fantastic and Beautiful tone Result! I tuned an old used Kimball spinet Piano to a beautiful Perfect and bright sound (along with repairs of stuck and twisted keys and lots of dust). I attribute the strong beautiful sound to the "STRETCH" function of the Piano Tuner program. The science put into this software to isolate the "sound-board's signature" of harmonics creates the perfect "Human Perceived" correct pitch tuning of notes. Thanks for striving for perfection.
Thank you very much!