Name: Victor Parrish
Location: NC, USA

I've tuned several pianos using the piano tuner. The results have exceeded my expectations. Professional musicians and amateur both are satisfied with the over-all temperament.
Thanks for a great tuning tool for those of us that don't hear as accurately as we once did.

Name: Dimitrios Grivas
Location: Moscow

After my first experience of tuning my own piano, (an upright SAMICK S-108s bought in 1991), I can say that it is a very good and easy to use application. The piano is perfectly tuned. The disadvantage is only that the first time you tune a piano, a lot of time is needed for the recording, and then the tuning. This took me more than 2,5 hours, maybe also because it was my first experience.
Name: Harri Muhola
Location: Sweden

Had a problem with the microphone but it was fixed within a few hours. Thank you.
Name: Zoltan Kerekgyarto
Location: Hungary

This is a very accurate and useful software. The calculated stretching is excellent on all sizes and types of instrument. The support is great and fast.
Name: Marius de Rijke

Hi Dirk,
thanks for reinstallation on my new laptop. Excellent service!
With the "Piano Tuner v4.0" our piano, after tuning, sounds better than ever. it is simply a great tuning programme.
Cherio, Marius

Name: Arman Beglaryan
Location: USA

Dirk's Piano Tuner the best