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Course 'Piano Tuning for beginners'

Working on a grand piano
Working on a grand piano
During this week you will learn the theoretical and practical steps of the piano tuning process. (with the help of Dirk's Piano Tuner).

Indication of the number of days and costs

- 3 days
- €1000

The course is given in Dutch and English. Further details about the course will be announced.

Maintenance of the ‘Piano Tuning for beginners’ course

Our Piano Tuning for beginners course is undergoing several changes. In this article, we will tell you everything about our course and the changes that it is currently undergoing.

Can I register for the course?

You can currently sign up for the waiting list. Signing up is without obligation. You will receive a message from us as soon as the course dates are known. After that, you can register on this web page.

Sign up for the waiting list

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What does the course ‘Piano Tuning for beginners’ look like?

What you will learn during the course is as follows:

  • What is sound?
  • How do strings vibrate?
  • The creation of sound.
  • About stretch.
  • About voicing.
  • What is tuning and why is it necessary?
  • How to improve the tuning stability.
  • The equal temperament.
  • Differences between upright and grand pianos.
  • Strings and their position in pianos.
  • A closer look at the mechanics.
  • Tuning by ear vs. tuning devices.
  • Dirk's Piano Tuner explained.
  • Tuning practical with Dirk's Tuner.
  • Perform small repairs.

Piano hammer mechanics
Piano action

Studying the piano action

What is going to change?

In short, this course will move to the Netherlands. The reason for the move is that Ben Verbon is retiring, and the course will now be given by Dirk Wolters, the founder and owner of Dirk's Projects.

The aim of the course will remain the same. Which is learning to tune a piano easily and quickly and everything else that comes with it. With Dirk's expertise in the theory behind tuning a piano, the theoretical side of tuning will be discussed in more detail. In addition, there will of course be practiced with tuning a piano.

When will the course start again?

We are currently busy renovating the course space. We also work on partnerships with local entrepreneurs for accommodation and meals, among other things, so that we can offer you a pleasant experience in addition to a good course.

Our plans have been delayed due to COVID. We cannot say for sure when everything will be ready. If you have signed up for the waiting list, you will be notified as soon as the first dates for the course are known.
Dirk & Ben moving the course equipment
Dirk & Ben moving the course equipment

How did the course come about?

The course 'Piano tuning for beginners' has been given since 2010. The course was the logical continuation of the collaboration between Dirk Wolters and Ben Verbon after developing Dirk's Piano Tuner. It started in 2008 when Ben started helping Dirk design Dirk's Piano Tuner.

At that time, a piano could only be tuned by ear by professional tuners. Dirk had the goal to achieve this with software, which would make tuning much easier and more accurate. With Dirk's background in applied physics, mathematics, and software development and Ben's experience in restoring pianos, they came up with a solution that can determine the optimal tuning for each piano.
The original design of the piano tuning software
The end design of the piano tuning software

As a follow-up to creating this tuner, Ben decided to develop a course. The aim of the course has remained the same over the years, which is learning to tune a piano easily and quickly with a professional result. In 2010 the course started for the first time and was given in France by Ben Verbon. Over the years we have been able to give many successful courses with just as many satisfied students.

Studying piano tuning
Practicing piano tuning

After having given the course for 9 years, Ben has decided to retire. That is why Dirk and Ben have decided to move the course to the Netherlands. After all these years of close cooperation, Dirk will continue the course alone.

Piano tuning course week video

What does the move mean for the course?

Moving the course is quite an undertaking. The course contains many attributes that are specially made for the course. All these attributes, therefore, had to be moved from France to the Netherlands.

Moving the piano course parts

Moving our grand piano

In addition to moving the equipment, a new course space is also needed. We are currently busy refurbishing the new course space. The exterior is currently finished. We are also working hard to completely refurbish the inside into a workable space.
The course space before renovation
Replacing the walls of the course space
The course space after the renovation

Computer design of the course space
Renovating the course space
New window glasses for the course space

Because the course will be given by Dirk from now on, the course itself will undergo a few changes too. The design of the course will be modified to make the most of Dirk's knowledge and experience. In general, the content remains the same, of course, and the aim of the course does not change either.

User experiences

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