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AKKOtune Compact tuning table v2.5

X1 AKKOtune Compact

X1 AKKOtune Compact
($3012 US Dollar)
D1 Addittional Blow Hole Insert
($62 US Dollar)
D2 additional Equalization Foam Mat
($20 US Dollar)
D3 Replacement Covering for AKKOtune compact worktop
($124 US Dollar)
D4 Fixation bracket
($112 US Dollar)
D5 Reed block guide
($235 US Dollar)
D5a Reed block guide
($153 US Dollar)
D6 Gooseneck, long
($129 US Dollar)
E1 Multi reed plate holder
($1224 US Dollar)
E1a Multi reed plate holder
($1165 US Dollar)
E2 Helicon reed plate holder
($565 US Dollar)
E2a Helicon reed plate holder
($512 US Dollar)
E4 Bandoneon reed plate holder
($470 US Dollar)
E5 Bajan reed plate holder
($529 US Dollar)
E6 Harmonica reed plate holder
($470 US Dollar)
Shipment to United States
(Shipment costs unknown)


Total: $6024 US Dollar

  • Handmade on order in Switzerland.
  • Shipping costs depend on the delivery address.
  • Outside Switzerland you pay VAT and Import Duties on delivery of the package.
  • Specific parts can be requested using the contact form on the website.
  • No software license included.

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