Sted: france

Un très grand merci pour cette formation très pro, grâce a Ben j'ai découvert cette partie technique qu'est l'accordage de piano qui m'intéresse beaucoup, l'endroit est tout simplement merveilleux et Inez une excellente cuisinière, séjour inoubliable !
Navn: Théophile Dudreuilh
Sted: Poyartin

Je reviens d'une semaine passionnante chez Ben et Inès Verbon. Une introduction à la facture ainsi qu'un apprentissage des diverses techniques d'accordage. Pour commencer l'apprentissage de l'accordage traditionnel à l'oreille, le logiciel est vraiment d'une très grande aide. Un stage indispensable pour un pianisite !
L'endroit est de plus paradisiaque et l'accueil de ses hôtes merveilleux !
Je recommande chaleureusement.

Navn: Francisco Moura
Sted: Brasil

Estou muito interessado em aprender a afinar pianos. Fiquei maravilhado com o que vi aqui. Mas ainda não está ao meu alcance.
Navn: Marco
Sted: Rijwijk

Many thanks for Ben and Inez for their wonderfull hospitality. Ben's detailed and professional knowledge about the construction and technique of the piano inspires and infects you with appreciation for the piano.
The beautiful nature around the location and culinary surpises of Inez makes the experience complete.
Very complete and detailed info and time enough to practice.
No regrets and recommendable!

Navn: Rebecca
Sted: Australia

This course is amazing. How Ben has jam packed so many areas of learning into a week and deliver it with ease and enthusiasm is incredible.

I attended the course with my husband and both of us thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to get tuning pianos in Australia. We learnt so much and had so much fun. Ben provides a hands on learning approach and it was wonderful to get practice at tuning both grand and upright pianos.

The accommodation is beautiful as well. My family stayed with us in the cottage and it was so cosy and lovely. My two young daughters loved spending the day on the property and seeing the wildlife and cows. An experience not typical to the Australian tourist where we all experienced the enrichment of French culture in the countryside.

The meals are amazing. Inez's home cooked meals are delicious and you certainly won't go hungry. Such a treat to have a meal prepared for you between the study.

It was wonderful to get to know Ben and Inez. They are so welcoming and friendly. Also meeting the others doing the course. In the evenings we would stay up and chat, play music, watch videos. We certainly gained new friends after the week had ended.

Thanks Ben and Inez for having us. It was such a beautiful experience and we will keep in touch with our progress tuning pianos .

Navn: Craig
Sted: Australia

Course April 2017

This was a wonderful and professionally presented course. Piano tuning, restoration, regulation and repair are just some of Ben's many talents.

Ben has a fully-equipped workshop and is full of practical know-how on just about any piano-related subject you can think of.

The setting is beautiful, nestled amongst the flowing hills and valleys in rural France.

Mention must also be made of Inez' food included with the course. Each meal was amazing and delicious. Homely food cooked from the heart.