Name: Stéphane Pira
Location: Belgium

Very Sharp! For most of common guitars like electrics, folk, classic and bass. For me the best I ever owned! Thumb up for the oscilloscope
Name: Colin
Location: England

Thanks for your tuner. I really appreciate it...
Name: Martin H.
Location: Argentina

Efficient, slick, no-nonsense and to top it off... *drumroll*... Free! (though I'll be sure to give back some love once I start getting the odd paying gig)

Danke schön, Dirk :)

Name: Boris Odreitz
Location: Blaguš

I was try the beloved Guitar Tuner. Can say only, is amazing. Thanks for the author and all development team. The best tuner ever !
I hear for it from Robert Butolen and my next project is Piano tuner and course, to buy some acoustic piano, for my performances. Simply the best Mres Dirk respect !

Name: James C.
Location: Texas, USA

Hello Dirk,

Great site, and even better programs. Thanks for your integrity and efforts. Best of luck always and may God Bless you and yours.


Name: Leh
Location: La Croisille sur Briance

Werkt perfect. Echt super-praktisch. Dank!
Name: Владимир
Location: Астрахань

Уважаемый Дирк! С огромным удовольствием использую вашу программу "Гитарный тюнер". Камертонная точность настройки,удобство и простота. Спасибо Вам за программу! И всего Вам самого хорошего в вашей работе по разработке программ очень необходимых для нас музыкантов. С уважением к Вам,Владимир.