Name: Jose Neves
Location: Portugal

The software is excellent! The print module for tuning reports is the tool that makes it even more practical!
For those who, like me, like to experiment with editing tuning tables, are somewhat limited to the symmetry positive - negative of two reeds (in the case MMM) being the third zero. It is possible to assign a percentage and make asymmetric the pitch of two reeds, but still in the positive-negative field. Edit a table with two reeds negative or two reeds positive with the third still to zero I did not get it yet. It could be improved in this field giving more freedom to the user. For Portugal we need to have the ability to record simultaneously MMMM (4 reeds).
However the gain in time and tuning plan organization is superior to omissions that may exist.
Congratulations on your work, I am an admirer!

Name: Pierre Laurent
Location: Chartres, france

Hi Dirk I enjoy using the accordion tuner as it is very simple and effective to use. I love being able to measure three notes togeteher, very helpful especially when you have to tune a crazy "musette" with 3 flutes !
Thank you also for the fast and efficient support when I crashed my PC, I strongly recommend the use of this software.
best regards

Name: Mike Thompson
Location: U.K.

Excellent program, easy to use and understand, backed up by a very helpful person (Dirk), if you get stuck or have any problems.

Name: Joe Novotny
Location: new prague mn usa

love this unit. have been using it for over 4 years and is simple to use. I do a lot of tuning of concertina I like the use of three reed tuning for the bass side. I would recommend this unit for anyone that does tuning.
Name: Davor
Location: Croatia

Hello Really great software Great thanks Dirk you helped a lot of people who bring instruments back to life.
Kind Regards Davor

Name: Dov Rainis
Location: Israel

Greetings.... I love the Dirk's tuner I have been using it for several years already tuning and checking my accordions collections. I use mostly the tuner part but takes the advantage of the Report module as well. It is a super tool helps a lot to get a very good report of the status of the accordion. and also helps to frequently correct and fine tune my accordions (26, all kind of models).
Name: Paul Chang
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

I am download Manual Accordion from your website, and read it in detail, even, I do not have any accordion. I think you are so awesome, because the current market is very few this kind of software. And you do it in great detail and professional. After reading this. I feel I already became a professional accordion tuner. thanks.
Name: Trevor Keates
Location: Cheshire, UK

Bought this programme in 2008 and, with Dirk's kind permission, have just transferred it to a new computer. The programme is so good, especially for setting musettes, that I cannot imagine tuning without it.
Name: F. Crain
Location: Western USA

I have been using this software for six years, and have tuned many instruments with it, mostly melodeons and a few concertinas. The ability to sound and measure multiple reeds simultaneously is a tremendous time saver. I can't imagine tuning without this software.
Name: Michael Medd
Location: United Kingdom

Accordion Tuner with record and report.
Dirk's Tuner is excellent and gives great assistance in the organisation needed to tune an accordion. The record and report add-on is a must as it is this that helps so much with the required planning and checking of results. The recording and reporting of two or three reed at the same time showing the beatings and errors is so useful.
For a beginner like me, I have now attained an accuracy in tuning that I could not have achieved before. A great program with great back-up and easy to install. Many thanks.

Name: Jorma Nerg
Location: Finland

First of all, thank you for your assistance, the service is really fast and effective. The PC is now fixed and the programme is working great.

Your accordion tuner programme is very up-to-date and it helps to make the tuner works faster in many ways.

Thank you!

Name: John Mulholland
Location: Glasgow Scotland

Hi I purchased Dirk's accordion tuner as I was restoring an old 3 row "Salas". Unfortunately I lost the tuner program when my computer crashed. Program was replaced by Dirk the same evening that I informed him of my problem. excellent product (in my amateur eyes) excellent service (by anyone's standards)

Thanks Dirk

John Mulholland

Name: Walter Freihube
Location: Eugene, OR. 97402 USA

Many thanks Dirk et all for speedy response in switching to my newer laptop when the old one died. I am amateur tuner restoring a B bayan too decrepit for commercial restoration. The fact that you show the overtones helps me get the timbre and not only the pitch right. Yours is the best I could imagine. Only I wish you also had B version picture, maybe you could help me put such an image which I would copy from ebay
Name: David G.
Location: USA

I love your accordion tuner program with reports. I am an accordion hobbyist. I play them. And also do some buying and reselling. It is good that I can know the condition of the overall tuning as well as the basic tuning for A (440 or other). And it measure multiple reeds for musette and chords. Things I must know in my hobby. I do some spot tuning of reeds also. Recently my PC crashed and Dirk was quick to help me get the program re-loaded again. So I send a big "Thank You!" to Dirk.
Name: Kevin Kavanagh
Location: Berkshire

Hello Dirk. I have been using your accordion tuner for many years and have always obtained excellent results. It is also quick and easy using your software. As there are so many different types of musettes to suit different tastes, I have often wondered if it would be possible to build in a button that gives the expected sound of various types of tunings, so that the person tuning could choose a favourite sound. e,g. the combined musette sound of one reed at minus 18 cents, one reed at standard, and one reed at plus 20 cents. Just an idea. Many thanks - Kevin