Name: Johann Pascher
Location: Austria

I use Dirk's Tuner now for many years must be since 2007 or earlier. There is no other tuner that can beat the functionality of this tuner. Still i would like new features to come, like special tunings, (Valotistimmung as example) in setup as reference.
Name: Robert English
Location: California, United States

Excellent product. Incredible time-saver, great support. Thanks Dirk! I recommend Dirk's Accordion Tuner without reservation.
Name: Steve Hill
Location: Yorkshire, England

Just updated to the latest version on a better laptop, using Dirk's simple but streamlined system of ordering and downloading. The tuner is a dream to use, taking all the guesswork out and replacing it with a logical process. My Galanti accordions now sound as good as new!
Name: Tony Hermanek

I am having sever problems with the original PC that Dirk's Full Accordion Tuner was installed on. Since I was unable to get windows 10 to start and therefore couldn't start any of my installed software I contacted Dirk's to see whether there was anything I could do. Dirk was very helpful by responding immediately. I am now able to use the product on one of my other PC's. I am absolutely happy with the product. I tested it with my Bell accordion and the product responded appropriately. I intend to use the product while tuning my other accordions. I'm a satisfied customer.
Name: Mitchell Paul
Location: Florida, United States

This software is great. Buying a hardware polyphonic tuner could cost thousands. This software is better and a fraction of the price. I recommend this to anyone who wants to tune multi reed instruments.
Name: John Hamilton
Location: Graham, Washington, USA

I am a retired 'Professional Experimenter' and have used this great software in learning how accordions are put together and tuned. I have not found anything that works as well and does as much as Dirk's Accordion Tuner software. All in one package as well. The recordings eliminate a lot of sometimes illegible handwritten notes. One current project is to convert a Weltmeister CBA with LMMH ranks, to one that converts the picolo to an M rank. I can then tune LMMM for a true mussette sound.
My other project was to construct a single-keyboard Hammond organ from components obtained from Ebay. Dirk's Accordion Tuning software was a tremendous help wiring the tone generator, keyboard, and sliders together. Next up, the tremolo assembly.
Lucky for my wife, I do not have room for a Lin-o-Type machine - what a way to retire!

Name: John Cave
Location: Brisbane Australia

I am an accordionist having played as a concert performer in my days.
I have in recent years started collecting some of the classic accordions in the world. I have with the help of some friends learned a lot about accordion repairs.
I have found Dirk's accordion tuner a very valuable asset and I would recommend to everybody.
Thanks Dirk!!