Name: Johann Pascher
Location: Austria

I use Dirk's Tuner now for many years must be since 2007 or earlier. There is no other tuner that can beat the functionality of this tuner. Still i would like new features to come, like special tunings, (Valotistimmung as example) in setup as reference.
Name: Robert English
Location: California, United States

Excellent product. Incredible time-saver, great support. Thanks Dirk! I recommend Dirk's Accordion Tuner without reservation.
Name: Steve Hill
Location: Yorkshire, England

Just updated to the latest version on a better laptop, using Dirk's simple but streamlined system of ordering and downloading. The tuner is a dream to use, taking all the guesswork out and replacing it with a logical process. My Galanti accordions now sound as good as new!
Name: Tony Hermanek

I am having sever problems with the original PC that Dirk's Full Accordion Tuner was installed on. Since I was unable to get windows 10 to start and therefore couldn't start any of my installed software I contacted Dirk's to see whether there was anything I could do. Dirk was very helpful by responding immediately. I am now able to use the product on one of my other PC's. I am absolutely happy with the product. I tested it with my Bell accordion and the product responded appropriately. I intend to use the product while tuning my other accordions. I'm a satisfied customer.
Name: Mitchell Paul
Location: Florida, United States

This software is great. Buying a hardware polyphonic tuner could cost thousands. This software is better and a fraction of the price. I recommend this to anyone who wants to tune multi reed instruments.
Name: John Hamilton
Location: Graham, Washington, USA

I am a retired 'Professional Experimenter' and have used this great software in learning how accordions are put together and tuned. I have not found anything that works as well and does as much as Dirk's Accordion Tuner software. All in one package as well. The recordings eliminate a lot of sometimes illegible handwritten notes. One current project is to convert a Weltmeister CBA with LMMH ranks, to one that converts the picolo to an M rank. I can then tune LMMM for a true mussette sound.
My other project was to construct a single-keyboard Hammond organ from components obtained from Ebay. Dirk's Accordion Tuning software was a tremendous help wiring the tone generator, keyboard, and sliders together. Next up, the tremolo assembly.
Lucky for my wife, I do not have room for a Lin-o-Type machine - what a way to retire!

Name: John Cave
Location: Brisbane Australia

I am an accordionist having played as a concert performer in my days.
I have in recent years started collecting some of the classic accordions in the world. I have with the help of some friends learned a lot about accordion repairs.
I have found Dirk's accordion tuner a very valuable asset and I would recommend to everybody.
Thanks Dirk!!

Name: A professional melodeon tuner
Location: UK

I used the original Dirk’s tuner for the past 6 (?) years and built a reputation as one of the best tuners of melodeons in the UK, using that software. Obviously, part of that is down to my understanding of pitch/setting/taper etc ... but Dirk’s tuner is capable of allowing me to carry out the work I want to the accuracy required. Since I purchased it, the Professional version has features that have taken my work to another level... especially the octave and chord features.
Name: Jose Neves
Location: Portugal

The software is excellent! The print module for tuning reports is the tool that makes it even more practical!
For those who, like me, like to experiment with editing tuning tables, are somewhat limited to the symmetry positive - negative of two reeds (in the case MMM) being the third zero. It is possible to assign a percentage and make asymmetric the pitch of two reeds, but still in the positive-negative field. Edit a table with two reeds negative or two reeds positive with the third still to zero I did not get it yet. It could be improved in this field giving more freedom to the user. For Portugal we need to have the ability to record simultaneously MMMM (4 reeds).
However the gain in time and tuning plan organization is superior to omissions that may exist.
Congratulations on your work, I am an admirer!

Name: Pierre Laurent
Location: Chartres, france

Hi Dirk I enjoy using the accordion tuner as it is very simple and effective to use. I love being able to measure three notes togeteher, very helpful especially when you have to tune a crazy "musette" with 3 flutes !
Thank you also for the fast and efficient support when I crashed my PC, I strongly recommend the use of this software.
best regards

Name: Mike Thompson
Location: U.K.

Excellent program, easy to use and understand, backed up by a very helpful person (Dirk), if you get stuck or have any problems.