Name: Dan Noriega
Location: Gilroy, Ca USA, Garlic Capitol of The Wo

Excellent tuner!! I just wish It was in a hand held version.
Name: Colin Chalmers
Location: UK

I am using the tuner to tune harmonicas. It is easy to use and spot on.Thanks very much.
Name: Patric Wust
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

Dirk's Tuner 1.2 is a great tool! I easily managed to tune my piano with my notebook, a headset mike and a tuning hammer, even as layman.

Mit Dirk's Tuner 1.2, meinem Notebook, einem Headset-Mikro und einem passenden Stimmhammer wurde das Neustimmen meines Piano eine ganz einfache Sache, sogar für mich als Laien!

Name: Rob
Location: U.K.

Great tuner. Easy to use even for a beginner.Can tune up better than ever before.Thanks
Name: P.C. van der Klis
Location: Oostkapelle, Netherlands

The Tuner Software: Believe me, there is no better way to voice the organ pipes of a barrel organ. Thanks a lot!
Name: Bill Lockhart
Location: London

Lovely little application-thanks!
Name: Y. Michael Usui
Location: Florida, USA

Thank you, Dirk, for the great program and helpful customer service.
Name: Sam Kazakoff
Location: British Columbia - Canada

Hi Dirk, Just Tried The Instrument Tuner, It Seems To Work Real Good, After I Learn How To Use It Properly, And Feel Rich, I May Even Try out Your Professional Accordion Tuner, Thanks.