Naam: Kurt Götze
Plaats: 36358 Herbstein

Habe durch einen Virus das Chromatische Stimmgerät das ich 2013 gekauft hatte verloren und habe heute von Dirk ein Download bekommen. Das finde ich prima, wo gibt es sowas außer bei Dirk's Projects.
Vielen dank vom Drehorgelopa aus Herbstein

Naam: Panagiotis Katsikogiannis
Plaats: Greece

Fast and accurate. Very reliable. Simply great.
Naam: Bruce
Plaats: Ohio, USA

Have used the chromatic tuner for years. It works very well on my small calliope projects. AND great service from Dirk. Thanks.
Naam: Danny Becher

in 2011 I got Dirk's chromatical tuner but did not realy use it. Now i installed it on my new computer (after having some installation trouble - within 2 hours I got the latest version! Thanks for the good and fast service)and the program works perfect ! Also i enjoyed watching the Piano Tuner tutorial. Succes with your work. Greetings. Danny
Plaats: Istanbul / Turkey

I have been using Dirk's Instrument Tuner for more than 3 years and tuning the braces of my ouds' soundboards. It works so accurately that I can tune the wooden brace blocks very precisely. Furthermore, Dirk himself works very fastidiously. Whenever I format my PC he sends me a new copy of Full Version of the licensed Dirk's Instrument Tuner within a few minutes after receiving my email.
Naam: Terry Sweet
Plaats: Australia

Hello Dirk, Great product for diatonic 2-voice melodeon. Great service also. Thanks Terry
Naam: Faruk Türünz
Plaats: Istanbul/Turkey

I've been using the Dirk's Instrument Tuner for tuning the wooden brace blocks for many years. It is so accurate and easy to work. I consider myself very lucky for having purchased this extraordinary tuner. Besides, Dirk is a wonderful person. He always replies you promptly whenever you write to him. He sends to you the link you need to install one of his products. He is very helpful as well.
Naam: Dan Noriega
Plaats: Gilroy, Ca USA, Garlic Capitol of The Wo

Excellent tuner!! I just wish It was in a hand held version.
Naam: Colin Chalmers
Plaats: UK

I am using the tuner to tune harmonicas. It is easy to use and spot on.Thanks very much.
Naam: Patric Wust
Plaats: Karlsruhe, Germany

Dirk's Tuner 1.2 is a great tool! I easily managed to tune my piano with my notebook, a headset mike and a tuning hammer, even as layman.

Mit Dirk's Tuner 1.2, meinem Notebook, einem Headset-Mikro und einem passenden Stimmhammer wurde das Neustimmen meines Piano eine ganz einfache Sache, sogar für mich als Laien!

Naam: Rob
Plaats: U.K.

Great tuner. Easy to use even for a beginner.Can tune up better than ever before.Thanks
Naam: P.C. van der Klis
Plaats: Oostkapelle, Netherlands

The Tuner Software: Believe me, there is no better way to voice the organ pipes of a barrel organ. Thanks a lot!
Naam: Bill Lockhart
Plaats: London

Lovely little application-thanks!
Naam: Y. Michael Usui
Plaats: Florida, USA

Thank you, Dirk, for the great program and helpful customer service.
Naam: Sam Kazakoff
Plaats: British Columbia - Canada

Hi Dirk, Just Tried The Instrument Tuner, It Seems To Work Real Good, After I Learn How To Use It Properly, And Feel Rich, I May Even Try out Your Professional Accordion Tuner, Thanks.
Naam: Wolfgang

Hallo Dirk Tolle Software der Tuner.

Mit musikalischem Grüssen Wolfgang