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Dirk's Piano Tuner

Tuning a piano the classical way is a very complicated process. One has to possess the skills, to handle the tuning hammer in the correct manner and to leave the tuning pin in a stable position. It is however even more difficult to determine the correct pitch of the strings. Many instruments can be tuned using a simple tuning device. Each tone is then tuned exactly to a predefined frequency. This method can't be used tuning a piano. The result would make the piano sound harsh and out of tune. The reason for this lies in the way stringed instruments produce their sound. Dirk's Piano Tuner analyzes your instrument and uses the results to calculate the optimal tuning for your piano in particular. Using this calculated setting, you can then tune your piano, in no time, to a professional level, without having to go through the classical, time consuming, process of 'checking the intervals'.

Piano Tuning & Repair Blog

How to tune a piano

Tune a piano yourself to a professional standard.

Click on the following link for a short manual:

How to tune a piano

Course week 'piano tuning for beginners'
The course is given in the Dordogne in France. During the course you will learn the theoretical and practical steps of the piano tuning process (with the help of Dirk's Piano Tuner). For more information, click on the following link:

Course week 'piano tuning for beginners'

A string can vibrate in several ways. It can vibrate in one whole section; the middle of the string then oscillates and the ends are fixed. It can vibrate in two sections; the middle and the ends are then fixed and the string oscillates on 1/4 and on 3/4 of the length. This way a string can also vibrate in three, four, five... etc. sections. All these vibrations occur at the same time in the string. Each vibration has its own frequency. A struck string therefore provides several frequencies at the same time. These are called the strings' harmonics. When these harmonics are exactly 2, 3, 4 and 5 times the base frequency, then a simple tuning device can be used. For a piano this is unfortunately not the case. For a piano these factors are not exactly 2, 3, 4, and 5. The exact values of these factors determine the base frequencies of the piano strings, that is when the piano sounds most harmonic or 'in tune'. In practice it shows that the low note need to be tuned a bit lower. The high tones need to be tuned a bit higher. The rate in which the low notes need to be tuned lower and the high notes higher is called the stretch of the piano. This means that each piano has to be tuned differently to achieve its optimal sound and performance.

Determine the right stretch
There are already tuning devices that take this stretch into account You can choose a stretch at setup, where a small stretch is chosen for a large piano and a large stretch for a small piano. Such tunings devices can take the piano to an almost optimal tuning. But the specific design of the concerning instrument is not taken into account and therefore some of the factors, that decide the stretch, are left out. Because of this, the piano will not sound optimal and it will still be necessary to determine the best stretch 'by ear'.

The piano technician does this by striking a lot of intervals (two keys at the same time) and aligning them. To do this properly, a lot of experience is an absolute necessity. The difficulty lies in the fact that you cannot tune the intervals entirely pure and the rate of purity is different for each and every interval. When an interval is not entirely correct, one of both notes will be adjusted accordingly. This note however is also part of several other intervals. Therefore all these intervals will have to change as well. All this produces a large complex puzzle that has to be solved.

Dirk's Piano Tuner solves this puzzle for you. In Dirk's Piano Tuner all strings will be recorded by playing them all one by one, only one string per note the remaining strings muted. The tuning (and so is the stretch) is determined by the computer using these single string recordings. The tuner not only records the fundamentals, but also the harmonics. After this 'single string' recording, the tuner has all the data needed to calculate the optimum base setting of all strings. The tuner calculates then the purity of all possible intervals and aligns them. After this the strings can now be tuned one by one to the resulting notes from the tuner. The tuner recognizes the struck string automatically and shows how much the string deviates from its ideal pitch. The muted strings are lateron tuned equal to the earlier tuned string in the same unison. After tuning all strings the piano has been tuned with the best stretch. The piano now sounds as pure as possible for that particular piano. Each note needs only to be tuned once and it is no longer necessary to finish the tuning by ear.

An overview of this tuner's features
Suitable for pianos and grand pianos of all brands and sizes.
Realize a professional tuning easy and quick, exactly tailored for your particular piano.
Calculates the most optimal stretch. Every string gets the optimal pitch.
Save the calculated stretch so it does not need to be calculated again the next time.
Very easy to use. No knowledge of the complicated piano tuning theory necessary.
It is not needed to check intervals and to hear and count beats.
Fast reaction of the needle to be able to tune to the right pitch easily.
Automatic detection of the struck string prevents tuning the wrong string.
Not only the tone is detected, but also its octave.
The needle keeps tracking the tone, also if it moves into another tone.
Take new strings up to the necessary tension, safe and quick.

Dirk's Piano Tuner V4.0

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The manual is available in the following languages:
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Polska Русский Italiano Svenska Português Português
Español 中国的


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Dirk's Piano Tuner V4.0
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Automatically calculate the optimal stretch
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103 Messages Write in the guestbook  
Name: Gjermund
Location: Norway
Date: 2015-11-19
Website: PopJazzOnline.com
Language: English English
Comment: I'm using the pianotuner program! Very happy!
It works better than many of the piano tuners I've used so far.

I get really good tuning! Also, very good customer support!
Keep up the good work, Dirk


-=Gjermund Sivertsen=-
https: / /PopJazzOnline. com - The number 1 place for learning piano online

Name: CG Johansson
Location: Kalix, Sweden
Date: 2015-11-7
Comment: I found this program on the Internet in early 2012 and tested a bit on my piano. It seemed easy to make a tuning so I decided to buy to be able to test the program completely.
After some problems in the beginning, which Dirk quickly helped to fix, I now use the program at any tuning.
My laptop recently crashed so I had to get help with the installation of the software on the new laptop. Dirk was, as always, quick with support.
The program is highly recommended and Dirk's support is outstanding.

Name: Hans
Location: Venray
Date: 2015-10-17
Language: Nederlands Nederlands
Comment: Gebruik het programma sinds december 2014. Resultaat is echt perfect. En het is nog leuk ook om zelf je eigen vleugel te stemmen. Ook even tussendoor een paar tonen bijstemmen is mogelijk als je het zelf kunt dus veel minder ergernis en wachten op de volgende stembeurt van de Pianostemmer. Helemaal TOP!

Vandaag de update voor El Capitan van Apple gekregen na één e-mailtje aan Dirk. Binnen een paar minuten antwoord en de update. Uitstekende service.

Een aanrader.

Name: Frank Tichelaar
Location: Zandvoort
Date: 2015-10-8
Language: Nederlands Nederlands
Comment: Vorige week de pianotuner besteld en voor het eerst gebruikt. Erg tevreden met het resultaat. Na een software update van Apple werkte het programma niet meer. Dat is inmiddels snel en correct opgelost dus het programma werkt nu ook onder El Capitan.

Name: Jamie fox
Location: Dublin
Date: 2015-10-1
Website: Foxpianotuning.com
Language: English English
Comment: I bought Dirk's piano tuner last year. I have been tuning pianos for twelve years and was never sold on a etd. Dirk's was recommended by a tuner friend who had had good results. I was shocked with the results. It really is as close to a good tuners ear as you can imagine. Very easy to use aswell. Makes pitch raising a treat. I had a problem with my laptop when I downloaded it. Dirk helped me through the process of installing the software. Great service.

Jamie fox
Dublin piano tuner
Foxpianotuning. com

Name: Bjorn Thienpont
Location: Roeselare (Belgium)
Date: 2015-09-26
Language: Nederlands Nederlands
Comment: Beste Dirk,
Ik gebruik jouw tuner nu al een jaar of 4 en het is super!! Het wordt steeds verbeterd en het is super gebruiksvriendelijk. Als ik bij een klant vertrek zijn ze super tevreden over het resultaat. Ik twijfel er niet aan dat jouw ander stem-software van dezelfde kwaliteit zijn. chapeau!! Doe zo verder
Ps. Ook een pluim voor Ben Verbon!;) vele grtjs aan hem!


Name: Dirk Ettelt
Location: Traunwalchen, D
Date: 2015-09-25
Language: Deutsch Deutsch
Comment: Die Software ist super. Ich hätte nicht gedacht dass dies wirklich so gut funktioniert. Heute gekauft und sofort meinen Flügel (Yamaha C2X) damit gestimmt - klingt hervorragend. Gebraucht habe ich etwa 2,5 Stunden. In den höheren Tonlagen wird das Stimmen allerdings etwas schwieriger, weil die Töne schneller ausklingen. Ein guter Signalpegel des Mikros ist hierbei zu empfehlen.

Die Software ist definitiv seinen Preis wert. Trotzdem war ich etwas enttäuscht über die letzte Preiserhöhung.

Name: Orlando Fleury
Location: 68400 Riedisheim France
Date: 2015-09-18
Language: Deutsch Deutsch
Comment: Dirk's Project hat es mir ermöglicht mein Instrument (Grotrian Steinweg 1888) selber zu stimmen und dadurch auch besser zu kennen. Dieses geniale und einfache Klavierstimmprogramm ermöglicht es mir in die Dimension des Klavierstimmers einzutauchen und von Mal zu Mal werde ich in meinen Bewegungen und Handgriffen geschickter. Der Flügel ist danach perfekt gestimmt; ich habe das Gefühl einer vollendeten Verbindung zum Klang und zu dem alten Instrument. Ich stimme den Flügel wann immer notwendig und traue mich nun auch mechanische schwierigere Geschichten heran, wie an das Intonieren etc.

Das Design ist zwar etwas retro, das der 90er Jahre (beinahe wieder Kult....;) jedoch ist es absolut effizient.

Auf meinem Mac Book Air funktioniert alles bestens, sogar mit dem eingebautem Microfon!

Dirk ist immer erreichbar. Auch nach einem Jahr wurde mir nach einem Systemabsturz mit Softwareverlust sofort und unkompliziert mit einem neuen Download-link geholfen.
Dirk: thank you very much that you exist - you changed my life!

Name: Chris
Location: Los Angeles
Date: 2015-08-29
Language: English English
Comment: I've used this software twice now to tune my piano, and the results have been great. The program is very easy to use. On top of that, I needed to transfer the program from an old computer to a new one, and immediately received assistance from Dirk on the process. Thank you!

Name: Boudewijn van Gelder
Location: West Lafayette, IN, USA
Date: 2015-08-29
Language: English English
Comment: Wow, wow, wow!!! Dirk's Piano Tuner software and its results are just amazing. It took three days (about 16 hours in total) in August 2015 to tune the "family" piano (from about 1879, P. van Ooij, pianomaker and tuner, Haarlem, the Netherlands)... very carefully... step-by-step:
the piano had been tuned twice in the last 25 years. The last tuning dates back more than 15 years ago (in Nov / Dec 1999), and was done professionally. However, it was a "relative" tuning (with respect to the A4 that was well below 440Hz! ... the A4 had almost become a G#4, about 415Hz).
In those 16 hours, with the help of Dirk's Piano Tuner, I determined first the temperament and the optimal stretch that belongs to this piano. Subsequently, I brought the relative tuning up to an absolute tuning (as said, very carefully... in small incremental steps).
The piano produces now a sound as I hardly can remember it. The improvement of the quality of sound is, I think, mainly due the optimal temperament / stretch that may have never been determined so optimally (at least not in my lifetime of almost 68 years).
Dirk's Piano Tuner is a very well-designed tool that brings affordable tuning within reach of every piano owner / player.
A professional tuner would have had to come to our house may be four / five times (superseding easily the cost of Dirk's Piano Tuning software).


I recommend the software to anyone!


PS: Questions? My experience: support by Dirk is virtually instantaneous!

Location: Milano
Language: Italiano Italiano
Comment: Ho usato il programma dopo aver sostituito tutte le caviglie e le corde. Non potevo chiedere di meglio. Il risultato è tutto lì da ascoltare. La precisione è la vera potenza del programma.

Name: P van Geffen
Language: Nederlands Nederlands
Comment: Mooi ! al diverse keren heb ik tuner program gebruikt.
dan weer windows x nu windows 8.
geweldige service

Name: Amir Chizari
Location: 22391 Hamburg
Website: hsp-bmm.com
Language: Deutsch Deutsch
Comment: Ein tolles Programm! Ich bin begeistert. Besten Dank.

Name: Stefano Pasetti
Location: Venezia
Language: Italiano Italiano
Comment: Ho acquistato il "Dirk's Piano Tuner" lo scorso anno per accordare il mio pianoforte, successivamente lo uso per controllare l' accordatura ed aggiustare qualche corda;
con l' aiuto del 'piano tuner' il lavoro è stato abbastanza facile, inoltre devo dire che il piano suona bene e non è mai stato così intonato.
Ringrazio Dirk per le risposte ai miei vari quesiti e all' assistenza rapida.


Name: KEV
Location: France
Language: Français Français
Comment: Un SAV de Qualité.
Petit mot concernant le "service après vente".
Après avoir eu un problème d'ordinateur et avoir perdu le logiciel. (Presque sans avoir eu le temps de l'exploiter).
J'ai eu très peur d'avoir fait un tel achat pour rien.
Il m'a fallu l'instant d'un E-mail et d'une réponse le lendemain même pour tout résoudre. Plus d'inquiétude.
J'ai réinstaller Dirk's Piano Tuner, et je n'ai plus qu'a trouver un moment de libre pour accorder mon Piano.
Merci Dirk.
Dépannage très satisfaisant.

Name: Ingensand
Location: Schweiz
Language: Deutsch Deutsch
Comment: Der Pianotuner ist hervorragend. Die Software ist einfach zu installieren und zu bedienen und die Unterstützung durch die grosse Frequenzdifferenzanzeige beim Tuning ist vorbildlich. Bei Fragen und Problemen reagiert Dirk innerhalb von einem Tag.
Mein 160-jähriger Blüthner Flügel war nach dem Tuning mit Spreizung nicht mehr wiederzuerkennen. Er hat jetzt den phantastischen Klang, den man von alten Blüthnerflügeln erwartet.

Ich kann den Piano-Tuner und die gute Unterstützung durch Dirk sehr empfehlen

H. Ingensand

Name: Tom Gaskin
Location: USA
Language: English English
Comment: Great software. Easy to use. The results are better than the aural tunings I've done and even the professional tunings I've paid for, and after several tunings the software has paid for itself. I had a couple technical difficulties, but each time Dirk responded almost immediately by email and solved them. Great service! I'd recommend this product to anyone.

Name: Douglas Warner
Location: Alaska USA
Language: English English
Comment: Greetings.

I purchased Dirk's Piano Tuner software and went through the video tutorial. I carefully tuned my piano using the software, and the result was the most perfect tuning ! The piano sounds just beautiful, every note exact. Dirk says that one can achieve professional results, and I agree that's correct. I believe my first tuning using Dirk's Piano Tuner actually achieved better than professional results.

I will always tune my piano myself from this point forward, and I highly recommend purchasing Dirk's Piano Tuner !

Douglas Warner
Anchorage, Alaska USA

Name: Huw
Location: UK
Language: English English
Comment: I was tuning a grand down in the south of France and Dirk was very quick to provide emailed assistance when I had a query about a technical matter.
On a different matter, going through Gatwick and Marseille airports with a tuning lever in my hand-luggage was a somewhat problematic because it aroused the suspicions of the chaps manning the X-ray machines, and I almost had it confiscated both times because of it having the potential to be used as a weapon; but when you are only travelling with hand-luggage, where else can you put a tuning lever?

Name: A professional pianist
Location: Singapore
Language: English English
Comment: I purchased and tried the Dirk Piano Tuner yesterday. It's easy to work with and I find it very efficient. The result was a Piano nicely tuned in Equal temperament. I did some "blind tests" to compare a purely aural classical tuning (the main consonant intervals by ear) against the Dirk's Tuner tuning, the deviation bracket between both methods was quite big. After playing some pieces on the piano (I'm a professional pianist), I got truly convinced that the Dirk's Piano tuner's tuning was far better than the aural tuning.
This is one of the cases where technology innovations go beyond the human performance. Dirk's Piano Tuner saves lot of time and eventually gives a better result compared to the too subjective human aural perception.
All this might be true only in Equal Temperament where all the tone frequencies are evenly distributed along the keyboard compass. In future I'd also try other temperaments with this tuner and will share my experience.

I'd highly recommend Dirk's Piano Tuner to all professional tuners and performers (like myself) who want to tune the instrument by themselves.

Thank you, Dirk!

Name: Leonard Uricek
Location: USA
Language: English English
Comment: Dirk's piano tuner is great. my piano sounds better than a professional tuning and when my computer crashed I emailed Dirk who responded immediately and sent me a link to re-download the piano tuning software.

Name: Roberto
Location: Italy
Language: Italiano Italiano
Comment: Software spettacolare!
Muovo i primi passi, dopo aver seguito per anni il mio accordatore e studiato recentemente kirnberger e l'equabile. ho acquistato chiave e smorzatori e mi accingo ad intraprendere questo affascinante percorso su un piano completamente scordato ma con le caviglie in buono stato. Senza il Dirk sarebbe difficile anche provarci, ed una mission impossible far quadrare tutti i conti!

Name: Paulo Esquef
Location: Brazil
Language: Português Português
Comment: O piano tuner é uma ferramenta excelente e super prática e facilitadora no processo de afinação de pianos. Com habilidade, pode-se conseguir resultados de afinação em nível profissional. Recomendo.

Name: James
Location: ireland
Language: English English
Comment: Bought this software yesterday. I had a few issues as i made a mistake when installing the software. Emailed Dirk and got an immediate response. He guided me through fixing my problem step by step. Great service.

Tuned my first piano with the software today. Have been aural tuning for a long time and was totally blown away by the results. Have hated every other bit of software ive ever used for tuning. Thought this was amazing. Had a completely out of tune rustbucket tuned in an hour and a half. id imagine as i get used to the software i should be able to bring that down to an hour. Really recommend this software. It really is the best out there

Name: David Delfont
Location: United Kingdom
Language: English English
Comment: I am amazed at how this software manages to deal with tuning a piano, what with determining the stretch and getting the temperament spot on.

I tried many tuning aids in the past and none were able to tune the piano to a professional standard.

The mechanics of the tuning process need to be mastered but if you can get each note really close to the optimum pitch and tune in such a way that it will stay, the results are really excellent.

expensive, yes, but worth every penny (or should I say "cent")

Thanks for designing the software..........

Name: Helmut Reisinger
Language: Deutsch Deutsch
Comment: der Piano-Tuner gefällt mir gut, ich konnte damit innerhalb kurzer Zeit mein Klavier auf einen schönen Klang stimmen - obwohl ich bis dato keine Vorerfahrung mit Klavierstimmen besaß.
(Natürlich hat's nicht auf Anhieb geklappt, ich brauchte nach dem 1. tuning, 2 'Nachtunings')

Name: Robert
Language: English English
Comment: I have had the tuner for nearly a year and am very happy with it. I use it to tidy up my pianos between professional tunings but will soon have enough confidence to do a full tuning myself. When I had some questions, Dirk responded quickly and was very helpful. The same was true when I needed to replace my computer. I would certainly recommend the tuner.

Name: giovanni pisciottu
Location: Tempio Pausania (OT)
Language: Italiano Italiano
Comment: Ottimo software e in italiano! facile da usare con manuale a portata di mano per poter accordare in tutta sicurezza, mi sento di dare un consiglio, e assolutamente necessario acquistare una chiave professionale non quelle da 10 Euro, inoltre bisogna sapere fissare bene le caviglie cosa non facile.
Saluti Giovanni

Name: Jordi Farrés Xirinachs
Location: Barcelona, España
Language: Español Español
Comment: Dirk'sprojects es el mejor programa de afinación de pianos que he conocido a lo largo de mis 20 años de afinador.
Es fácil de utilizar, rápido, intuitivo, sobretodo efectivo afinando muy bien todos los pianos.
El software es muy bueno pero lo mejor es el trato i la atención de Dick delante de las dudas o posibles problemas que se pueden tener.
Gracias por todo el soporte técnico recibido.
Jordi Farrés

Name: luciano
Location: argentina
Language: Español Español
Comment: Muy bueno el afinador para pianos. Excelente el servicio post-venta. Rápida respuesta y muy cordiales.

Location: Itaperuna - RJ, Brasil
Language: Português Português
Comment: Agradeço ao Dirk's por esse extraordinário programa, fácil manuseio e aplicação das informações, direto e objetivo, mesmo se você tiver problemas na implantação, Dirk's resolverá pra você, seu suporte é eficiente. Parabéns pela excelência tecnológica.

Name: enrico fabio cortese
Location: Florence
Website: www.enricofabiocortese.com
Language: Italiano Italiano
Comment: this product is really wonderful. I can personalize the tuning of my old restaurated chickering. Thanks to the inventors!

Name: John E Avenson
Location: Westminster Colorado USA
Website: www.avenson.net My Passive Solar Home Picture tour
Language: English English
Comment: Fantastic and Beautiful tone Result! I tuned an old used Kimball spinet Piano to a beautiful Perfect and bright sound (along with repairs of stuck and twisted keys and lots of dust). I attribute the strong beautiful sound to the "STRETCH" function of the Piano Tuner program. The science put into this software to isolate the "sound-board's signature" of harmonics creates the perfect "Human Perceived" correct pitch tuning of notes.
Thanks for striving for perfection.
Thank you very much!

Name: Tazio Tettamanti
Location: Zürich
Language: Deutsch Deutsch
Comment: Ich bin ein leidlicher Amateur Klavierspieler. Auf einem leicht verstimmten Klavier habe ich gar keine Lust zu spielen. Alleinige Versuche, die Stimmung zu verbessern, waren nicht wirklich erfolgreich. Die Theorie ist für mich auch zu schwer.

Dirk's software ist eine tolle Sache. Der Flügel klingt wirklich gut. Der Kauf hat sich gelohnt.

Der Support ist auch sehr gut; Installationsprobleme mit einem älteren ASUS wurden schnell und kompetent erledigt.

Thank you, Dirk.

Name: Garth Jensen
Location: Buhl, Idaho
Language: English English
Comment: Wonderful program for those who want their piano tuned right!

Name: Caupolican
Location: Chile
Language: Español Español
Comment: Gracias Mr. Dirk.
Por haber formateado mi equipo, accidentalmente eliminé el "Piano Tuner Full".
Contacté a Dirk's Project y me reenviaron el enlace sin costo. Una meritoria gentileza de los autores.
Una vez más les doy mis agradecimientos.
El software es lo mejor que he conocido. ¡Excelente!

Name: Jeff Hill
Location: United States
Language: English English
Comment: I tried twice tuning by ear and the first time was not too bad. The second time turned out way worse than when I started. I used Dirk's piano tuner and tuned two pianos now that are as good or better than if I paid someone to do it. Now I can tune my piano every few months or so. It now is a pleasure to own and play a real piano. Previously I only liked playing my Software Pianos (Kontakt) because they always stayed in tune.
Thank You Dirk for the software.

Name: Marcel Saly
Language: Svenska Svenska
Comment: Alla pratar om själva kvaliteten av Dirk's Tuner. Och för att vara solklart: den är grymt bra. Men jag vill prata om servicen. Min PC hade pajat med programmvaran. Fått en ny gratis download. Jättebra. Så ska det var

Name: L.J.Wessel van Leeuwen
Location: Greyton, South Africa
Website: http://www.proz.com/profile/734738/ and http://thinkers-think.blogspot.com/
Language: English English
Comment: Dirk is committed to excellence! Whatever your problem, he responds, faster than any post office. The product, after the usual inevitable learning curve, is user friendly.

Name: Pastor Jerry
Location: USA
Website: http://www.JerryEsther.com
Language: English English
Comment: I began using the Dirk's Piano Tuner for nearly a three now and I find it produces that beautifully sought after tuning; stretched to a perfect Equal Temperament every time.

This is excellent software and I highly recommend it...

Language: Português Português

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