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Frequently asked questions

When I measure multiple reeds using the accordion tuner, I don't see all reeds. What's causing this?

This can be the result of one of the following:
1. The number of reeds does not correspond to the number of reeds set in the tuner's configuration. This can be corrected by clicking the 'Reeds' button.
2. The tuner is capable of tuning three reeds at the same time.
- When measuring single notes, the three reeds have to lie within that same note. The three reeds must not lie within multiple octaves.
- When measuring chords, each note of the chord must contain one reed and all reeds must lie within the same octave.
- When measuring octaves, each reed has to lie within different octaves.
3. When the microphone is positioned on one side of the accordion, it is possible that the recording level of reeds on the other side of the accordion is too low. In that case, you will have to reposition the microphone.
4. When two reeds sound at exactly the same frequency (within 0,6 Herz difference), the tuner will recognize
these two reeds as one. For more information about the accuracy of the tuner, please read chapter 27 of
the manual.

What microphone should I choose?

Practically, the simple dynamic microphone that in most cases came with your computer or sound card can be used and will work well. However, the frequency range of such microphones is often not specified and often are insufficient in the lower frequency range.

I lost your program. What can I do?

If you deleted or uninstalled the program by accident, you can reinstall it on the same computer using the setup file you received from me. If you lost the setup file, contact me by email and I will send you the file again.

How can I stay informed about news and updates for the software?

Click the button 'News' top left of the webpage. From there you can subscribe to our newsletter, which contains all the important information. Of course you can also check the website regularly.

My computer does not have an internet connection. Is that a problem?

No, you can download the program on another computer, copy the installation file on a stick or disc. Then you take that and install it on any computer.

Your program and manual are not available in my language.
Is there going to be support in other languages?

We are not sure. We depend on others for these translations. As soon as a new language is available it will be available on our website. If you want to help creating a translation, send us an email.

When I have an idea or suggestions to improve one of the programs, who do I contact?

Ideas and suggestions for the existing programs or even new programs are welcome. You can send an email stating your idea/suggestion(s). All ideas and suggestions are placed on a 'wishlist', the best ones at top. We are constantly improving the software and will try to implement as many ideas as possible.

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